A trusted computer monitoring solution for computer monitoring and spy software that allows you to easily see everything your employee does on your computer.

Features of Toposcreen
  • Easy to use
  • Installation can be done within 5 minutes
  • Shows everything what they've done
  • Monitor everything from start to shut down
  • User didn't find the program
  • User is unable to uninstall the Program
  • Can handle more than one systems at a time
  • Easy to implement and very simple to use.

The TOPOSCREENS will be designed to run on the number of Computers (PC’s) which are connected through LAN. The user will be able to store, access and monitor their system records from their PC to specific storage. This information will be stored on a System Storage Space (on user’s system or monitoring person’s system) where ADMIN wants to store. The TOPOSCREEN application will then be able to take the screenshots of the monitor and store these screens to safe place from where only ADMIN can Monitor/Analyze these screens.

For further information regarding this Product, please contact to Increpe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.